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What made me step on this path?

I grew up on the land in the shelters of the forests in my childhood.  As a young man, I got lost in the depths of city life and lost myself and the reason to be here.  I was frustrated with my life. My body and mind were shattered by a fierce lifestyle and a fierce celebration.  

I went near death.

I decided to change my life and look for a purpose for it.  I found my love for nature again.  About eight years ago, I started studying herbal medicine and also thirsted for knowledge about their magical powers.  I found my way to our roots, to mythology and traditions.  At the same time, I started to grow my own roots stronger.

Years passed and I had found for myself strong and good methods by which I had integrated both physically and mentally.  It seemed natural to me to step on the path of helping.  I wanted to do my best to give others the keys I had used to open many seemingly impossible gates.  Gates deep inside me, to the sources of my own resources.

Piece by piece I started to build my own dream, and I also decided to make my passion for myself a life’s work.  Here it is now, and I do not regret the mistakes of my life as each of them has been bringing me closer to my true self.  Now I want to help you, too, strengthen your own roots and lift the wings of your dreams into flight.  Remember that anything is possible, you came from anywhere or Whoever you are.  You can do anything!

Each of us has a unique and beautiful path to travel, just dare to step on it yourself!  Stepping into my own path required courage in time, but every challenge has been worth it.  I could never have guessed when in my time I found my own path that one day I would still be a writer, an entrepreneur, a family mother, a welfare coach and a farm manager.  

Life surprises, you just have to dare to try how the wings carry, and sometimes jump into the unknown!


You have so much beautiful to give to this world if you just trust yourself and find your own path. Let your own light shine, this is how we create the most beautiful little piece of the world at a time.

With love, Eeva Maria 

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